The Moon

Art thou pale for weariness
Of climbing heaven and gazing on the earth,
Wandering companionless
Among the stars that have a different birth, —
And ever changing, like a joyless eye
That finds no object worth its constancy?

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Premio LericiPea Golfo dei Poeti - 68th Edition
From June 17th to November 29th 2022
This year’s press conference was held at “Salone del Libro” book fair in Turin on May 19th 2022
May 20th, 12:45:1:45 pm
LericiPea "Edito" Prize 2022 to Alessandro Rivali
“Salone del Libro” book fair in Turin, Sala Indaco
June 17th, 5 pm
Greetings by Her Majesty’s Edward Llewellyn
Lecture by Francesco Rognoni
Assegnazione del LericiPea "Angloliguria" Prize 2022 to Simon Armitage (Poet Laureate of Queen Elizabeth II);
In dialogue with Massimo Bacigalupo
Villa Marigola - S. Terenzo, Lerici
July 8th/9th/10th 2022
First Edition of "Ariel - LericiPea Giovani",
the first Italian Poetry Festival dedicated to under-35 poets;
in memory of Percy B. Shelley
Curated by Giuseppe Conte and Davide Rondoni
Circolo della Vela Erix and Rotonda Vassallo - Lerici
July 18th 2022 - 9.30 pm
Alessandro Haber: the day when Shelley’s body was found,
performative reading on the beach in front of Villa Magni, where the poet lived until his death.
Texts by Gabriele Tinti: a "reply" to Percy B. Shelley’s Prometheus.
Marina di San Terenzo / Piazza Brusacà
July 20th, 8:15 pm
Il "Banchetto dei Giusti", (“The Banquet of the Righteous”),
Roberto Alinghieri reads A Vindication of Natural Diet by Percy B. Shelley.
Then: Franco Lonati, Carla Sanguineti and Lilla Crisafulli on Shelley’s vegetarianism; introduction by Adriana Beverini.
Vincenzo Patanè in "Imaginary interview to Lord Byron".
Hotel Shelley - Lerici
9:30 pm
Focus on vegetarian cuisine by Pietro Leemann; the Michelin star chef in dialogue with Sergio Buttiglieri, Style director of Sanlorenzo Yachts.
Rotonda Vassallo - Lerici
July 31st – 9 pm
LericiPea "Paolo Bertolani” Prize.
A focus on the friendship between C. Tomlinson and P. Bertolani by Stefano Verdino and Giuseppe Conte.
Then: LericiPea "Paolo Bertolani" Prize 2022 to the dialect poet Edoardo Zuccato, curated by Manuel Cohen.
Rotonda Vassallo - Lerici
September 15th 2022
LericiPea "Liguri nel Mondo" Prize to Dottoressa Maria Elena Bottazzi, nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2022
Regione Liguria - Genova
November 29th 2022
  LericiPea Lifetime Achievement Award 2022 to Louise Glück, Nobel Prize for Literature 2020
Provincia della Spezia - Sala Consiliare


The winners of the LericiPea “Lifetime Achievement” Prize

antonio colinas

Lerici Pea 2019

Premio alla Carriera 2019 ad Antonio Colinas
Lerici Pea 2020

Lerici Pea 2020

Premio LericiPea “alla Carriera” a Ol'ga Aleksandrovna Sedakova
Premio LericiPea 2021

Premio LericiPea 2021

Premio LericiPea "alla Carriera" a Tomaso Kemeny


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A new plaque paying homage to Paolo Bertolani has been placed on the Sem Benelli Promenade.
The plaque, dedicated to the poet from La Serra, was placed along the Sem Benelli Promenade, on the San Terenzo side, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the publication of his collection of poems “Le trombe di carta”, the poet’s literary debut, and the 30th anniversary of his award of the LericiPea “Edito” Prize. 
The plaque, engraved with some of his most renowned verses, was revealed on Wednesday 19th February 2021 at 11 am – the same day of the poet’s passing, thirteen years ago.
“In 2020 we aim to commemorate Paolo Bertolani, who often described our territory through his verses and with his unique style. Thanks to his poems, Bertolani left us an extraordinary cultural heritage and a strong sense of belonging and respect for this place, which we have to remember and enhance every day” comments the mayor of Lerici, Leonardo Paoletti. “I would also like to thank Sanlorenzo, main Partner of the LericiPea Poetry Prize, for constantly supporting art and culture, a philosophy running through their shipyard and all their products.”
Paolo Bertolani’s wife and daughters were there to reveal the plaque along with the mayor Leonardo Paoletti, Piergino Scardigli, President of the 2020 edition of the Lerici Pea Poetry Prize, Lucilla Del Santo, Event Manager of the Prize, and Sergio Buttiglieri, from Sanlorenzo Yatchs.
The plaque is now part of the promenade named after the Italian poet Sem Benelli – the promenade connects San Terenzo to Lerici, and already fatures 33 plaques supported by different stands designed ad hoc by the architect Lucilla Del Santo. The plaques show the winners of the LericiPea “Lifetime Achievement” Prize from 1991 onwards.


Rotonda Vassallo

Villa Marigola

Regione Liguria

regione liguria comune lerici il porto dei piccoli lerici coast

fondazione carispezia
san lorenzo
Sanlorenzo, the first shipyard in the world building tailor-made yachts over 30 meters in length, was founded in 1958 and took root in the Ligurian area surrounding Lerici.
The company has always been devoted to connecting different worlds – from design to art – to better enhance the quality of made in Italy products in the yacht industry.
Sanlorenzo, thus, decided to be a partner of the Lerici Pea Golfo dei Poeti Prize sharing its aim. It’s a prestigious literary prize founded in Lerici in 1954 and it has always enhanced and awarded not only the most important international poets, but also those Ligurians all over the world who, thanks to their job and their artistic and literary vocation, are excellent examples of the Ligurian spirit around the world.
Sergio Buttiglieri
Style Director


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