“Paolo Bertolani” Prize 2014

LericiPea “Paolo Bertolani” Prize 2014 to the “Master” Franco Loi


Franco Loi’s poetry is based on many different languages including his beloved written and lyrical Milanese dialect, thanks to which he deeply renewed the Lombard tradition in the Seventies; then the Genoese dialect of his home-town, but also the Sardinian and Emilian dialects of his parents, and then the Italian language of his non-fiction prose and self-translations.

His eloquent versatility reflects the rich expression of the topics and motifs of his poetry, and this is what makes Loi one of the greatest Italian poets in Europe, as attested by the many translations into various languages.

His poetry includes different scenarios – from narrative theatricality to the most intense and spiritual lyricism, from the acute observation of daily details to the cosmic perspective; a rich and changing spectrum, which shows his great ability to listen and interpret humans, nature and “the other”.