The Prize

Over the years, the Lerici Pea Golfo dei Poeti Prize has become one of the most representative prizes in the Italian and international literary scene, under the careful guidance of the proprietors and jurors.

Faithful to its mission, according to which the Prize is to be free of all external any influence, it pursues the sole purpose of promoting and enhancing poetic excellence in Italy and abroad.

Created in 1954 as “Lerici” prize by Renato Righetti, Giovanni Petronilli, Marco Carpena and Enrico Pea, it was soon renamed “LericiPea” in 1958 as a tribute to Enrico Pea, who had just passed away.

Since 1998 the Prize has been run by the Lerici Pea Prize Association. In 2018, the Owners decided to add “Golfo dei Poeti” (Gulf of Poets) to the name. Since then, the Association and the Prize have been called LericiPea Golfo dei Poeti Association and Prize. The Prize, which grew through time, is organized in different Sections.

1952, Enrico Pea and Leonida Repaci

Currently, the members of the Lerici Pea Golfo dei Poeti Prize Association are:

  • Adriana Beverini
  • Lucilla Del Santo
  • Pier Gino Scardigli
  • Pia Spagiari

The traditional Sections of the Prize are four:

  • International Lifetime Achievement Prize 
  • “Edito” Prize
  • “Paolo Bertolani” Prize
  • “Liguri nel Mondo” Prize
  • From 1999 to 2015 the “Lucia Roncareggi” Youth Prize Section took place 
  • From 1999 to 2014 the “Inedito” Prize Section took place 
  • In 2020 the LericiPea “Angloliguria” Section started

Occasionally, the Special Lerici Pea “Europa” Prize is awarded.

The members of the Jury are:

  • Giuseppe Conte, President
  • Massimo Bacigalupo
  • Francesco Napoli
  • Stefano Verdino
  • Manuel Cohen – for “Paolo Bertolani” dialect section
  • Roberto Pazzi

The organization of the Prize is managed by Studio Nealinea.

Event Manager: Lucilla Del Santo, architect